AAS went down due to an AAD App registered

We have multiple development team working in Azure platform on many application. We recently came across an issue that our Azure Analysis Service is went down in our tenant.

Dev Team1: Dev team has their own resource group, in that there any many resource added including Azure Analysis Service and and some jobs to refresh the AAS model.

Dev Team2: This team has its own resource group and many resources are added including a instance of Azure Analysis Service. We worked on a automation job to refresh AAS model by follwoing post.


Added Azure Analysis Service Read & Write Permission to the app as mentioned in above post and additionally added all permission of Windows AD API Here is the snapshot.

Only Windows AD API permissions are added but not granted permission because dev team does not have previllage to grant permission neither Admin granted permission to that app. Immediatly after this activity Dev Team1 has reported a issue stating that their AAS is went down and not able to co-relate the issue with newly created AAD app.

Finally raised a support case with Microsoft, microsoft reported us saying that newly created app has created the complete mess and asked us to delete the AAD app. Once the app is deleted Dev Team 1 has confirmed that AAS service is up and running.

In this case, I got confused how an app has created impact?

Importantly the newly created APP details is no where shared.

I wanted to understand the issue and the mistake I did to get clear understanding of Azure.

Any help or tips?

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